Grade 7

7th Grade Youth Engagement and Initiative Program

Seventh Grade: Youth Engagement and Initiative Program

There are several opportunities and programs scheduled for this year for our 7th grade students.

The first of many differences for this coming year will be that there will not be a 7th grade Sunday morning class.

There are several Sunday mornings listed in the calendar that are specific programs created for this age group in preparing to take steps toward B’nai Mitzvah and adulthood.

There are opportunities to develop ‘Leadership’ skills through a special leadership program.

Hebrew Classes for the 7th grade will be on Tuesdays 6:00 PM -7:00 PM.

There are many programs that will follow Hebrew and create opportunities for our students to develop relationships with other students within our congregation and the greater community. Several programs are in conjunction with our TBHigh program, We will also be fortunate to have our Israeli Emissaries join us during these programs.

A new initiative is our JTCare programs

(JTCare 7th Grade Tikkun Olam Program), these programs are scheduled for Sunday afternoons and will include lunch.

A Retreat Weekend (6th – 9th Grade Retreat @ Eisner) on the calendar which will be held with several other Reform congregations from the Greater Hartford area.

The Annual Sh’ma Tour (Sh’ma Tour) is an opportunity for our 7th graders to spend a day focused on working with our Social Action Committee.

The following evening meeting with TBHigh (7th Grade Social Action/Philanthropy Project with Students and Parents) and presenting their findings and beginning the process for participants and parents to look at Philanthropy and Tikkun Olam in our own lives.


  1. To review and master the full prayers found in the Shema and its Blessings and to learn additional prayers found throughout the service not covered earlier in the curriculum.
  2. To empower students to develop their own Jewish identity based on the tenets of Reform Judaism, with an emphasis on Tikun Olam and Tzedakah.
  3. To study Bible/Torah through artistic expression, and incorporate that art and personal expression to will allow the students to leave their mark on Temple Beth Hillel
  4. To strengthen bonds and build relationships between students and among families in order to encourage long-term commitment to Jewish education.

The year will include

Current Issues in Judaism (as explored through the tenets/principles of Reform Judaism)

Bible through Art, a course with an artist-in-residence/congregant.

Operation:  Mitzvah Mission programs

The 7th grade -Temple Retreat occurs each fall, bringing together young teens from the four area Reform Congregations and Day School for an informal weekend of learning and fun.  The theme:TBA

In May, the two grades and their parents will join on a trip to either Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty or The Lower East Side for an exploration of Jewish history and family roots/routes.

In 7th Grade, students are given the opportunity and the challenge to take all of their previous learning at TBH and formulate their own Jewish identity, beliefs, and practices.  Beginning with the exploration of Israel through current events, students will begin to establish a more mature relationship with Judaism and Israel.  They will move toward a study of Reform Judaism by discussions based on the tenets and principles of the movement.

They also participate in the ‘Sh’ma Tour, reinforcing concepts of Tzedakah and Mitzvot in the greater Hartford community.

There will be a Youth Leadership program as part of the Sunday Morning programs scheduled specifically in conjunction with the Madrichim Program, and the importance of continuing Jewish education and Jewish life after B’nai Mitzvah.