Social Action

“You should be holy, for I, your G-d, am holy” (Leviticus 19:1-2)

The Temple Beth Hillel community works to meet G-d’s directive by sharing our blessings to support and protect the hungry, the widow and the stranger.  As members of the Jewish faith we are called to tikkun olam, to strive to repair and improve the world in which we live. The Social Action Committee’s goal is to inquire, educate and engage through meaningful action that brings about change and transformation.

Our annual Shema Tour offers an opportunity to inquire about the needs of those in our larger community and listen with open hearts.  TBH has a 26 year partnership with Foodshare, and has developed projects with Cornerstone, The Chrysalis Center, Food Bank of South Windsor, the South Windsor Hunger Action Team, Hand-On-Hartford, The Red Cross and many other organizations.  Holiness is earned again through building relationships within our community and the larger world which strengthens our ability to repair the world.  We seek to provide the TBH community with the opportunity for gemilut Chasadim (the giving of loving-kindness), Chesed (loving-kindness), Mitzvah (commandment, a good deed) and Tzedakah (charity).

The Brit Olam Society is committed to leading a coordinated response to Economic Injustice and Poverty in our local community and the world at large.
To do so we will:

  • Engage in educating the community on the root causes of poverty
  • Mazimize efforts to bring resources to vulnerable people through partnerships with community agencies and faith organizations to support immediate hunger and supplemental nutritional needs
  • Seek out new avenues to support early education of vulnerable children and families
  • To advocate for legislation that support economic justice and equitable distribution of resources
  • Enact our Jewish values